2X Stretchsit Cushion Bundle


The Stretchsit cushion is versatile and designed to transform most chairs into a comfortable seat that provides gentle traction. Unlike a lumbar support cushion, this cushion elongates rather than compresses your low back, giving you the natural, healthy spinal shape your were born with. No more compression, no more pain — sit your way to a pain-free back! The stretchsit cushion is comfortable and easy to install and use.

The Stretchsit cushion comes with two extension straps that allow you to adapt the cushion to whatever chair or seat you are in. When used regularly, it rejuvenates you by lengthening the long muscles of your back and providing more space for your spinal discs and nerves.

If you don’t want to find yourself sitting for long hours without a Stretchsit Cushion, this bundle may be for you. One for your car and one for work? One for the office and one for home? Choose according to your lifestyle. If you need a third one, we have a 3X cushion bundle.

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